Argos M line

Learn about the Argos M line for the pig husbandry

The Argos M line is an efficient climate and management system suitable for controlling and monitoring the ventilation in your pig farm. Argos can easily be adjusted for every type of ventilation system.

Key features of the Argos climate and management system

  • Central overview of all connected rooms
  • Easy copying of ventilation curves and settings
  • Information and task-oriented control at room level
  • Detailed graph management
  • Daily backup in the cloud
  • No loss of historical data
  • Logging of settings and alarms
  • Available for all tablets and smartphones

Task-oriented control at room level

  • Start new round
  • Animal management
  • Soaking and cleaning
  • Drying and heating


The farms are getting bigger with more staff. A clear distribution of tasks and responsibilities is necessary. With Argos the employee can easily select the desired tasks directly at each section and Argos will take care for it. Curves and additional advanced settings can be centrally adjusted by the manager.

The Argos M line can be extended by following modules




Integrated dry-feed control



Water consumption monitoring



Lighting control per room



General-purpose clocks



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All-in-one solution for your climate system


Flexible in ventilation design


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