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About us

Family business

Microfan is the leading partner in climate and management systems for livestock farming worldwide. We have been making innovative solutions since 1979 so our customers can easily automate their stalls. Our climate and management solutions guarantee a good climate, healthy animals and a better overall well-being. We are committed to our customers.


Microfan will continue to innovate its climate and management systems in the upcoming years using the following three pillars:

  • Connectivity; the power of connecting
  • Efficiency; get the most out of your stall
  • Service; is our business!

Microfan anticipates an expansion in the worldwide intensive livestock. Durability, farmer well-being and animal health become more important. The need for pig and poultry farmers to continue to optimize business processes is steadily increasing.


For good technical advice about existing or new stalls, we are the best partner. We take your requirements into account and discuss with you all the possibilities. From air inlet, distribution and exhaust to registration of useful management data and more. Everything is possible and negotiable.


With our innovative products your stall management will be simplified. We offer you, in addition to our extensive instructions on delivery, the possibility to follow a complete users or installers training session. We offer these general or customized sessions in our modern demo room or at a location of your choosing. We offer among others the following training sessions:

  • ARGOS P1
  • ARGOS M line
  • ARGOS S line
  • ARGOS Feed
  • ARGOS.CLOUD Management Portal

If you have any questions, please contact us to discuss the many possibilities.


HAS University of Applied Sciences

The HAS has an intensive partnership with several companies in the vicinity of its location in Venlo. The companies give HAS students the opportunity to get to know their future workfield. Business excursions, guest lessons, internships, practical cases and graduation assignments are examples of this collaboration. In addition, the curriculum of the HAS programs is tested annualy against the needs in the workfield represented by these companies. Microfan has a long-standig partnership with the HAS.

Swine Innovation Centre (VIC) Sterksel

Microfan has a partnership with the VIC in Sterksel: Swine Innovation Centre. VIC Sterksel is a multifunctional research centre for modern, innovative and sustainable pig husbandry, both in the Netherlands and abroad.